Monday, May 24, 2010

Olivet's Alabama Moments Captured...

Today, Olivet's lead-off batter, a Senior named Marisa Baker came up and hit a home run in the bottom of the 1st inning! 

However, it was going to take more than Marisa's homerun to take Olivet to the Final NAIA Championship Game on Wednesday.  It ended up being a very tough loss today with the final score being 10-1.  California Baptist just seemed to be unstoppable.  That meant for me, I had to say "Goodbye" to my new friends, that I was just getting to know.  My heart was sad for them, I could see that their spirits were naturally crushed over their loss.  And trust me, I have taken pictures of Wins and Losses and yes, they both have to be journaled, but we all know it's much more fun to be on the "winning end".  It's these times that we have to look UP and go, "O.K. God... What are You gonna teach me on this not so fun side...?"

As for me, Mrs. "Freelance Sports Photographer" for the weekend plus... What an awesome blessing it has been!  I have taken probably 800 pictures in the course of these two games.  I'm trying to get them edited & posted.  You can already view about 138 of them on the tab labeled "Sports & Events Proofing" located on my website ( Because I had "credentials" I got to actually go on the field and take pictures!  (I'm waiting on those same "credentials" to get on Alabama's Field!  and onto Turner Field!!)  I also know that one of my pictures ran today in The Daily Journal and I will hopefully have another one run in tomorrow's paper!  It was hard this morning knowing that I couldn't zippity-do-da down to the store to pick up a copy & check it out!  I will have to wait until they send me one.  :) ...  But I am excited just knowing that I had my first Sports Shot published!  

Thanks for following along on my journey these past few days!  Not to worry... by Faith I am expecting this to be the first of many more!  Thank you Jesus for taking me on this one!  and Thanks Olivet Nazarene University, you're an awesome group of young women & coaching staff, a pleasure to work with! It's been fun!! :) ... 

Stopping Moments in Time,
Tina :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet my new Friends from Olivet!

I finally got to meet a wonderful group of young ladies and coaches today in Decatur!  My new friends from Olivet Nazarene University!!  Yesterday I drove to Decatur only to arrive to a very disappointing empty parking lot and a sign that read "Games Scheduled for May 21st Have Been Rained Out"!  Today... a much Brighter & HOTTER story! ...  I was so excited to finally meet them and get to shoot LOTS of pictures! I took way over 300 and am in the editing process.  I tried to get some finished to post tonight, but that didn't quite happen... sorry about that... my new goal is tomorrow afternoon!  I will be placing them on the new link on my Website,  (Sports & Events Proofing) and it will be open for public viewing, no password needed. 

Unfortunately my friends had a tough loss today, that was very hard.  The final score was 4-1.  They played such a tough game and even rallied towards the end.  In just the short time that I spent with these young women, and their coaching staff, their strong character was very evident, such sweet spirits among them.  It was hard for me to see those brilliant smiles and laughter to turn to such long faces and sadness.  Pray for them as they go into Monday's game!  and Cheer along with me!  I told them I had built them a Fan Base in Huntsville!

Go Olivet!! You still have a chance to Win that NAIA National Championship Title!!  Keep your Heads Up!! and Enjoy Alabama!!

Stopping Moments in Time,
Tina :) 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Freelance Sports Photographer... :) ...

Today I am excited to get to share with you my new title ... "Freelance Sports Photographer" and my how I love the sound of that!!  :)...  For those of you that know me, you know that I have been a Sports Photographer for YEARS!  (Thinking back, I started taking sports pictures when my "little" brother played PeeWee Football & Little League Baseball!)

Starting today I have the awesome opportunity of working for/with a Newspaper out of Kankakee, IL ~ The Daily Journal ~ and I will be following Olivet Nazarene University's Women's Softball Team as they play in the 30th Annual NAIA Softball National Championship Tournament, that is being held in our own Decatur, Alabama!!  There are teams from all across the United States playing in this tournament that began yesterday with 32 teams in pool play.  By tomorrow night the teams will be narrowed down to 8, and will then be double elimination being taken into the Championship game on Wednesday, May 26th!! 

My job will be to take pictures and send them in to The Daily Journal to run in their newspaper.  I was told that I only have to send 2-3 images, which will be the hardest part for me! and so... I have added a new link to my website to house a gallery of the images that I will be taking... :) ...  Just in case the team may be interested in the photos as well.  I have a piece of "Flair" on my FaceBook that says... "Why take one picture when you can take four!" ... Sorry... that's just what I do!  I can't help myself!! :) ...  and if you're interested, you can view them there as well!

I am also posting links to The Daily Journal and to Olivet Nazarene University, so that you can check them out too!

Pictures are sure to follow.... as I "Stop moments in time" for ONU as they go on to WIN the NAIA Softball National Championship!!  Go Tigers!!! :) ...

Tina :) ...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alabama Crimson Tide "...It's the Real Thing..."

Roll Tide!  from earning a National Championship Title to  Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram, to Nick Saban on the box of a 6 1/2 oz Coke Box... It really is "The Real Thing" ... The Alabama Crimson Tide had an awesome year in 2009! 
For one of my last projects in my Studio II Class this Semester I had a chance to honor them.  My instructions were:  A product shot, glassware, using the effects of light...  I had been wanting to use an "Alabama" Theme so this is what I came up with!! 
A Moment in Time with a Coke & the Tide,
Tina :) ...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Graduation is in the air...

For those of us at Calhoun we are right in the middle of Exams!  Today I finished my Math100 Exam... Whew... check another Math Class off of my list, 2 down and 1 to go!!  ( I will tackle my LAST Math class this summer in a world wind Mini-mester).  Then for this semester at Calhoun only 1 more Exam to go on Monday and mounds of pictures to still edit for my Studio II class!

 For High School Students Graduation is right around the corner for you guys and girls as well.!  and Today, I wanted to include some shots of my nephew, Jeffrey who will be graduating from Florence High School.  I had the privilege of taking his Cap & Gown pictures and here are a few of my favorites!

We had a really fun day shooting these pictures (even in between the text messages!) !!  Thanks Jeffrey for being such a good sport!  Wishing you all the best my sweet nephew as you graduate!  and as you continue on at the University of North Alabama! 

Stopping Moments in Time,
Tina :) ...

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