Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Gatlinburg Snow Capped Mountains in Panorama~

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What a beautiful site to see the Smokey Mountains covered lightly in snow!  Craig and I had the opportunity to get a peek of these beautiful mountains at the end of December, when we took the trip with our Youth to the "Xtreme Conference" in Pigeon Forge.  While they had their free afternoon in Pigeon Forge we took the opportunity to drive into Gatlinburg and wander around on the still snow covered streets of Gatlinburg.

Craig also agreed to take the Sky Lift up the mountain to get a better view!  (Even though he was a little apprehensive at first... Wow, the things he agrees to do for me to capture that picture and "Stop that Moment in Time"!! Only one of the many reasons I Love this Man!! :) ... He's not so crazy about heights and not so crazy about enclosed spaces, just a by the way... )

However, I don't think he minded it so much once we got to the top... :) ...

There was a group of young girls who asked me to take their picture, so in turn I had my Canon Point & Shoot in my pocket and I asked them to take OUR picture!! Perfect!!  :) ...  Even with the Mountains as a backdrop!

As we made our way around Gatlinburg we also wandered into one of the little "villages" and came across another favorite memory maker for us!!
Because we spent three years in London I certainly couldn't resist capturing a few more images in the wonderful, original British Telephone Booth!  Perfect! :) ... I'm sure some of these images that I took of this phone booth (there were several...) will turn up again!! (and very likely on my living room wall!) ... 

What a fabulous "getaway", and we were long overdue for one!!  

"Stopping Moments in Time" and "Capturing Memories" in Gatlinburg, 
Tina :) ...

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