Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can I Have This Dance... For the Rest of our Lives?

Ruby and Larry celebrated FIFTY YEARS of Marriage on September 1st, 2012!  

They celebrated with Family & Friends local & who traveled across several states to be with them.

They began their Anniversary Celebration with a "Renewing of their Vows" during Catholic Mass.

And then concluded it with a beautiful Reception ...  

These dear friends, who have also been married more than 50 years to each other, are their "original" Maid of Honor & Best Man! I had so much fun meeting them and chatting with them!

Images like these are such a treasure.  Many times when family members have traveled and gathered like this, opportunities are few and far between to capture everyone in the same photograph.  What an honor for me to have been able to "Stop this moment in TIME" for this dear family on their special day! ...

It was such a sweet and special time for me, and I treasure being chosen to capture events like this one.  I always walk away feeling like I have made new friends, and I smile knowing that I have preserved this special day for Ruby & Larry and their family through these images.

Thank you again Ruby & Larry for allowing me this blessing!  I am praying many more years ahead for the two of you as you DANCE... TRAVEL... LAUGH... and ENJOY Your Family together!

You can view their complete Anniversary Album of Images here.

Stopping Anniversary Moments in Time,
Tina :) ...
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Huntsville, Alabama, United States