Sunday, September 19, 2010

~Photography Exhibit Continues this week... ~

My Photography Exhibit continues through Thursday this week... so I just wanted to send out a reminder of sorts as Week two begins tomorrow! ... :) ... I had a very exciting week last week as I checked on it on the days that I had classes to make sure that my pen was still attached to my "Guest Book" and I made a walk around the room to straighten each picture again... Of course I would glance at the Guest Book too, and read such sweet comments that were written.  God is blessing me so and answering specific prayers that I have prayed.  He is so Amazing!

I was also able to go this past Thursday with my very special friend, Mrs. Dot Brooks.  She is having an outpatient surgery tomorrow morning and will not be able to attend the reception on Thursday.  I was able to give her my "Guided Tour" a week early!  It meant so much to me that she wanted to be able to see it!  Mrs. Dot is very precious to me...

I will conclude my Gallery on Thursday, the 23rd  with a "Come & Go Reception" that will be from 3:00-7:00 p.m. ... I hope that you will be able to come so that I can thank each of you for your special support and encouragement!  Light Refreshments will be served. 

Thank you all!!

Stopping moments in time...
Tina :) ...

Monday, September 13, 2010

~Gallery Opening! It's a Big Day!~

The Journey that began at Shiloh in 1973 has brought me to Calhoun Community College this 13th Day of September 2010... and I arrived on campus around 6:42 a.m. this morning to hang one more picture, a few more caption cards, make a few more adjustments, walk around the room one more time and take one more deep breath.  Ready or not... today was the day that my "Photography Exhibit" opened for all to see... Some of you may be thinking, "Why is she making such a big deal out of this whole thing?" ... :) ...

 I came to Calhoun over two years ago at age 46, as a "hobby photographer" to obtain a "Photography Degree".  I have worked very hard incorporating not only my Photography classes but regular curriculum classes as well, because I did not finish college right out of High School.  I basically started from scratch!This is my last semester and I will finish my Photography/Associates degree, and the "Exhibit" is part of my Graduation requirement, I will be graded on this assignment.  I have placed my photography on display for an entire campus to see including instructors and peers as well as family and friends who I hope will attend.  Because I take SO MANY pictures it has been very hard to decide just which ones to include!  That has been one of my biggest challenges!  I still looked at it this morning wondering if I made the right decisions...  But... I have said... it is what it is!  and there are so many of them that I am so very proud to have hanging there!  Even though it is a bit awkward for me being on "Display"... 

     I began hanging the pictures on Thursday with the help of my wonderful Mom & my very wonderful, dear Husband, Craig!!  (Thank you both! because I couldn't have been on any of this journey without the two of you very special people in my life!  Also my two biggest fans and supporters!)  Then Craig met me on Friday afternoon to finish.  The "book" said "it will take longer than you think to hang your work" ... guess what?! It takes longer than you think to hang your work!!

This is just a small "sneek peak" of a wall and a half after I had completely finished on Friday afternoon at 6:30 p.m. and vacuumed! 

The Gallery will run from September 13th-23rd on the Decatur Campus in the Fine Arts Building ~ 2nd Floor
9:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. 
I will close my Exhibit on Thursday the 23rd with a "Come and Go" Reception that will be held from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Light Refreshments will be served.  You are all invited to attend!  If you can't come on this day I hope you will be able to drop by on another day and sign my Guest Book!  If you let me know that you're coming I will try & meet you there, so that I can tell you my "Stories" in person!

Thanks so much for your support! and for you prayers & encouragement along my way!

Stopping Moments in Time along my Photography Journey,
Tina :) ...

Monday, September 6, 2010

~The Journey That Began At Shiloh...~

It was 1973, I was 11 years old and I was only in the 5th Grade ... that was truly a monumental year for me that year, as I have reflected back, but for this particular "Season" it is important because it is here that my photography journey began...

My 5th Grade Teacher was a beautiful, kind, loving and caring woman and her name just so happens to be "Mrs. Wright"  :) She will always go down as probably my "favorite" teacher of all times and only passed away in recent months living to be well into her 80's.  I had the privilege of introducing my two boys to Mrs. Wright at Craig's dad's funeral in February, 2009.  When I reminded her that day of who I was, she let me know very quick that it wasn't necessary to remind her... and that she wasn't "THAT" old yet! ... too funny... Mrs. Wright became my favorite teacher for many reasons, she was a mentor and a friend and you will also notice she became one of my first models! (Rule of thirds... check...)  :) ... 

In the Spring of this year we will go on our field trip to Shiloh National Military Park and my Mom will allow me to carry along our family camera to take pictures! 
I did a bit of research and I am not 100% certain, 
but reasonably sure that it was this camera that
went on my "journey".  It is a Kodak Hawkeye
Flashfun Camera.  I can't believe that my Mom
 doesn't still have it stashed somewhere... :)  What's funny to me, is that I remember well, taking the pictures that I took.  I remember setting the shots up.  (How strange is that?...)  But, I can't exactly remember taking pictures before that day.  Perhaps I did, I just don't remember.  But... I remember taking pictures after that day... and it's almost as if I have had a camera with me ever since that day! 

~Bloody Pond~
My first picture of a "reflection" and I still love them to this day!

~I remember walking out far enough to get this shot - and the young girl in the middle is actually the sister of one of my classmates.  I remember calling out to her to make sure she was looking at me! ~

~Yep... I made sure these guys were posing too... how funny is that~

~My first group shot- guess it's not a horrible attempt! ~
(I just thought it was funny that I was making people let me do a group shot then too! - see friends I've had people fussing at me about group shots since I was in the 5th Grade!! LOL!)

I'm sure it was the following Christmas that I got my very own Pocket110 camera and I think I wore out more than one model of those!  Several Christmases later in 1980 my then boyfriend, which would later become my husband, Craig, gave me my first 35mm camera... a Canon AE1 and yes it was the Olympic Edition!  I have been a Canon shooter ever since!  

and so the "Journey" continues ...  

and 5th Grade Moments were "Stopped In Time" ... (how awesome is that?!) ,
Tina :) ...

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