Monday, September 3, 2012

The Phelps Family

Meet Ken...Terry...Morgan...and Savannah!  and I was invited by Ken & Terry to "hopefully" capture a family portrait of this darling family!!  What happened for ME was that I got to spend an awesome Saturday afternoon romping, playing, and getting loved on by some TERRIFIC kids! :) ...  I also "hopefully" succeeded in capturing the family portrait as well!! ... 

Morgan is their 11 plus year old yellow lab and Savannah is their 19 month old chocolate lab!  Morgan is also the son of "Sassy" who the Phelps once owned.  
(Morgan's mom passed away at the age of 13 years old.)

These two are quite the pair!  Savannah pretty much insists on Morgan keeping up with her, and Morgan does a pretty great job at it! ... :) ... 

This family was such a treat to be with!  You can tell by the smile on ALL FOUR of these faces that we truly did have a fun afternoon! ... :) ... 

(They kept me on my toes as well!  Almost every time I "stooped" down to get on their level they would barrel straight for me and be right on top of me!!  LOL! ... I was so wishing that I had of brought Craig along with me so that he could journal me shooting this session!  It would definitely be one for the "books"! ;) ... I had SO much fun with this family! )

Unless you are a pet owner, no one truly knows the bond that we share with our four-legged children.  I truly cannot tell you what an honor it was to be asked to shoot this session with this sweet family.  What a joy to stop these sweet "moments in time"... Thank you again Ken & Terry for sharing your Saturday afternoon with me and for sharing Morgan & Savannah with me too!  It was such a sweet & fun afternoon!  I smiled my way through these images as I was going through the editing process and I relived it all over again!  :) ... My prayer is that these images will bring years of smiles and joy back to you and your family!

With my client's permission you may view the complete set of images here.

Stopping Moments in Time,
Tina :) ...

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