Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Many Faces of Madelynn ...

Her sweet mom calls her Madelynn and most of her friends call her Maddie!  

This beautiful smile and charming personality took us all the way to Green Mountain Nature Trail  at the peak of our Fall Season here in North Alabama.

I love that Maddie brought along several outfit changes.  This location at Green Mountain allows me to capture such a variety of images.  It is a mile and half nature trail that wraps around a man made lake.  There is a covered bridge, a log cabin, and more!  Not to mention being surrounded by the natural beauty that God supplied for us!  What a beautiful day to spend with this beautiful senior and her mom! ... 

This year Maddie started her Senior year off and running.  She has her usual million Senior Class activities including being Class President!  

 Just before we spent this time together, she had received her acceptance letter to  Auburn University !  She is very excited to be starting there in the Fall of 2013.  I also understand that she has decided to pursue a career in medicine.

I am honored that she was able to take time out to allow me to capture these new memories for her...

Thank you Madelynn (Maddie) and your sweet Mom, Debbie for such a fun afternoon!  I loved spending time with the two of you on this beautiful fall afternoon.  Wishing you all the best as you finish your Senior Year and as you make plans towards Auburn!  You're such a doll! ...

Stopping Senior Moments in Time,
Tina :) ...

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  1. What a beautiful, lovely job you've done -- you've created a precious group of photo memories for Maddie and her family!! :)


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